Laura Tates
What brought you to Train Away Pain? 
I was seeking an alternative to back surgery (spinal fusion and laminectomy) to manage my chronic back pain, numbness and pins and needles from my hip to my toes.
If you were injured, what was the nature of your injury?
Back injury: degenerative spondylolisthesis-L4 vertebra slipped forward over L5, and severe central and lateral spinal stenosis.
How has your experience at TAP enhanced your every day life? 
TAP has enhanced every aspect of my daily life. I have been able to resume an active lifestyle and move comfortably without undergoing major back surgery. I am re-learning how to breathe, how to walk and how to move in ways that make me stronger and allow me to move with less discomfort. I have also learned strategies I can invoke when I begin to notice pain surfacing.
What advice would you give yourself when you were 12 years old in regards to health and fitness? 
Fitness has immense health benefits but take the time to learn how to do it right and if something hurts, stop and ask for help.
Why do you incorporate Train Away Pain into your daily routine?
I incorporate what I have learned from Train Away Pain into everything I do from breathing, walking, driving and bending over to spinning, lunging and planking in order to become stronger, to protect my spine and to reduce the risk of further injury. I can apply the TAP concepts to reduce my risk of injury in any situation I might encounter.

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