Higher Performance
Through Injury Prevention

What. A progressive center that focuses on physical performance and injury prevention strategies so our clients can reach their full pain free potential.

How. At TAP our practitioners use a variety of treatments to address pain patterns and movement imbalances. A detailed exercise prescription is developed to correct biomechanics and improve performance and focus on movements that build core strength, balance and flexibility.

Why. We care about the long haul. We care about preserving your body and ensuring that you are at a peak level of fitness. This is done through our thoughtful methods that prevent injury and preserves the ability for success.

Who. We work with those wanting to improve their fitness and functioning levels and find ways to get stronger, faster, smarter about how they move through life. We work with athletes, professional, amateur student athletes. We adjust and customize the program depending on goals or sport specific needs by removing painful barriers and rebuilding solid pain free foundations. We work with people limited by injuries, surgeries, and setbacks. Our methods remove layers of dysfunction and implement new functional patterns.

Dr. EJ Zebro, Co-Founder

Tap Into Your

Minimize Pain. Maximize Performance.

Train Away PainTM  was founded in 2007 as a result of the overwhelming demand for individualized patient care, the goal is to empower the patient to help heal his or herself.

Through a combination of innovative manual therapies, sport specific Chiropractic care, and state of the art rehabilitative exercises, TAP doctors work to remove the physical obstacles that limit patients from reaching their goals.

Meet The Tap Team


  • "After working with EJ, I learned to be mindful of how my body felt. If I had that knowledge in high school and college, I think I could have prevented some of the issues that I dealt with."

    Marcus Tracy

    Professional Soccer Player, San Jose Earthquakes and Aalborg BK | 2008 Hermann Trophy Winner
  • "You put your faith in someone's good judgment, professionalism and training; and changes can take place."

    Dave Prutting


    My name is Dave, here is my story. I am 59 years old and I have an athletic background. Years of hard work and hard play have left me with multiple herniated discs, including one minor back surgery, and I had a quadruple coronary artery bypass surgery 4 years ago. There are circulatory and lymph system complications associated with this surgery, though apparently it has been successful. I started training consistently with EJ Zebro about 1 & 1/2 years ago and the results have been very satisfactory to say the least!

    The culmination of what has been a slow but steady program customized for me based on his good judgment has been a strong, stable, pain free, movement rich back, and a weight loss of over 30 pounds. It’s not magic; requires some commitment and lifestyle changes (I also do a lot of Yoga with EJ’s encouragement and of course eating habit changes) but these results are fact and very gratifying. In summary you put your faith in someone’s (EJ’s) good judgment, professionalism and training; and changes can take place. He’s kind of a fun guy, although sadly for him, a die-hard Cubs fan.

  • "I'm not easily impressed. However, Dr. Zebro's quickly rising to the top in the health and fitness profession."

    Giles Wiley


    I’ve been actively involved in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years. During that time I’ve managed health clubs, taught martial arts and personal trained clients on 3 continents. I pride myself on saying I’ve worked with the best of the best in the field of human performance. I’m not easily impressed. However, Dr. Zebro’s depth of knowledge, his willingness to think outside the box, his constant enthusiasm and genuine passion for helping people means that he is quickly rising to the top in the health and fitness profession.

  • "I work out harder, I breathe completely differently, my core is stronger and any activity that I embark on, whether it be tennis or running, I find that I am overall much stronger and better at it."

    Steven Laitmon

    CEO Nothin' But Foods | TRAIN AWAY PAIN client and enthusiast
  • "Working with EJ has produced unexpected and welcome results for me in a short period of time."

    Lori Hashizume

    Working with EJ has produced unexpected and welcome results for me in a short period of time. I was in search of someone who could help manage my chronic lower back pain and found a gifted diagnostician who identified the source of my problems (he likes to call them “issues”). EJ designed a fitness and treatment program to address my personal needs and within weeks, I began to see one improvement after another. My back is more flexible, morning stiffness and pain have disappeared, my core is stronger, and range of motion has been restored. With a friendly, easy-going motivational style, EJ helps his patients achieve whatever goals they set for themselves. He is a dream to work with.